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The Android Police podcast may need a name change. And no, The Vergecast is taken. But for a show that delves into the profundity of notions such as the phases of smartphone design and the uncanny valley that is a conversation with a voice assistant, we also get to inject bits of "Her" and "Short Circuit" into the mix. So there's that. We've got chat about the Fitbit Charge 6, Pixel 8a, Amazon's hidden Fire HD 10 and a whole smattering of in-between bits that we just can't stay away from. This is our longest episode yet in this iteration and the show notes go to reflect it. Get ready for some links, buddy.

01:44 | Top Bread

22:56 | Meat

1:07:48 | Yes, This Bottom Slice is Past The Hour Mark

Our regular hosts are Daniel Bader, Ara Wagoner, and Will Sattelberg. Our editor is Jules Wang.

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