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Owners of Pixel Buds Pros, some of the best wireless earbuds around, recognize sonic excellence when they hear it. The wireless earbuds are packed with generations of technological innovation, layered with electronics that clarify immersive sound while delivering superior ANC. To safeguard those highly rated audio drivers, plus your buds' attractive looks, there’s the wireless charging case. To protect that case and the high-fidelity functions inside, a second layer of shielding is needed. This collection showcases some of the finest carrying cases, products that protect while delivering a touch of personal style.

  • Spigen Rugged Armor for the Pixel Buds Pro on a white background
    Source: Spigen
    Spigen Rugged Armor for Pixel Buds Pro
    Best overall

    Spigen’s TPU case sports a classy, modern design aesthetic that'll blend against any outfit or backpack. You'll appreciate the case's craftsmanship, including precisely cut access slots for your buds' paring button and power level and a handy carabiner clip that wouldn’t look out of place inside a climber’s mountaineering pack. But the case's most important detail is its construction. It's made from meticulously crafted and virtually unbreakable carbon fiber.

  • Blue Nomad Modern Leather Case at an angle on a white background
    Source: Nomad
    Nomad Modern Leather Case for Pixel Buds Pro
    Premium pick

    An intriguing profile puts the Nomad into a unique category of its own. Its Horween leather exterior is vegetable-tanned and will develop a unique patina over time. This means that each Nomad earbud case is truly unique to its user. To bolster the protection level, this soft leather is reinforced by a tough polycarbonate shell and a microfiber lining. The case even features a handy light pipe and a lanyard attachment point.

  • Geimoo Silicone Case for Pixel Buds Pro with black carabiner on white background
    Source: Geimoo
    Geiomoo Silicone Galaxy Buds Case
    Best value

    Without frills, the budget-friendly Geiomoo silicone shell is made from a soft, impact-absorbing material. It’s not rugged or constructed of stiff carbon fiber, yet its soft, yielding material will easily shrug off light scratches and minor drops. And the rubbery exterior is also naturally grippy; it won’t slip from a clumsy or sweaty hand. As for the lightweight carabiner, it’s wide enough to hook the tiny case to a belt loop or backpack strap.

  • BGAANM Silicone Case with novelty keychain on white background
    Source: BGAANM
    BGAANM Silicone Case for Pixel Buds Pro
    Best novelty option

    The BGAANM silicone cases bring a little character cool to that signature round shape. They provide drop and scratch protection while lending a little personality with themed symbols and charms. Sticking to the technical specs, the case's durable silicone construction shrugs off scratches and bumps, and the flexible ease molds to the contours of your wireless charging Pixel Buds Pro case for a snug fit.

  • Caseology Bumpy for Pixel Buds Pro on White Background
    Source: Caseology
    Caseology Bumpy for Pixel Buds Pro

    The Caseology Bumpy, made from tough, military-grade plastic, earns its name with its convenient sandstone finish; the textured surface increases grip. Joggers (sweaty hands and all) will be grateful for this grip-maximizing feature. Other than that, the quality TPU frame and clear body offer a build that’s rugged and undeniably attractive. A pleasingly solid carabiner also comes attached to further underscore the casing’s portability and outdoor functionality.

  • CaseBot Rugged Shield Case for Pixel Buds Pro on white background
    Source: CaseBot
    CaseBot Rugged Shield Case for Pixel Buds Pro

    The CaseBot entry in this collection is made of rigid silicone (not as elastic as other silicone cases). So, this selection will offer improved drop resistance and protection from bumps and scratches. It’s also worth noting that the case has a hard exterior that wraps around the Pixel Buds to provide full coverage and an interior gel pad in the lid to help keep them in place during activities such as running or exercising.

  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Pixel Buds Pro on white background
    Source: Spigen
    Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Pixel Buds Pro

    The Spigen Ultra Hybrid boasts a flawless design with two crystal-clear halves made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate. It’s a design favored by those who love the egg-like white shell of their Pixel Buds Pro wireless charging cases. A soft TPU frame completes the attractive design. The included metal carabiner is wide and circular, too, to enhance that curvy aesthetic. Overall, it’s an eye-catching choice with tightly tailored cutouts.

  • Fintie Carrying Case from two angles on a white background
    Source: Fintie
    Fintie Carrying Case for Pixel Buds Pro

    Like a tiny suitcase, the Fintie unzips in the middle. A little mesh pocket is even built inside the top half of the hard EVA shell. Instead of tiny socks, however, the compartment will store a charging cable or earbud accessory. This case boasts a soft inner lining that delicately cradles the earbuds and charging case. Unfortunately, the included clip, although serviceable, falls short of delivering exceptional durability but can be easily replaced.

Armor assemble: Protective cases for your Pixel Buds Pro

The Pixel Buds Pro's little wireless charging shell cradles tech-loaded listening devices can be pretty fragile. The protective cases touched upon in this collection all shield the Pixel Buds Pro case, shielding the bumps and scratches that are part of everyday living. Some cases are rigid and sturdy, while others are softer and more flexible.

The materials range from solid carbon fiber to stylish leather. If durability is a primary concern, materials like carbon fiber are ideal. But if a balance between fashion and sturdiness is preferable, leather-style cases achieve this nicely. Silicone cases are also a viable choice, providing some impact and scratch resistance. No matter the material, all cases should have a snug fit and feature precisely engineered cutouts and soft linings to keep the Pixel Buds Pro in perfect condition.

The cream-of-the-crop prospects: A top three redux

Spigen has two solid contenders, but the brand's Rugged Armor makes a great all-round choice. Although not exactly fashionable, its carbon fiber shell and clean cutouts make for a fuss-free case-carrying experience that accommodates active users. The Nomad Modern Leather Case offers similar features, topped off with a pinch of lavish style. And the case's interior microfiber layer further assures the Pixel Buds Pro case is adequately stored. Still, it’s one of the few products in this collection that doesn’t offer a clip; instead, there's an attachment for a lanyard, but it might swing awkwardly while you move or run.

Finally, the Geiomoo Silicone Case is the budget winner. It’s more of a skin than a protective shell, yet it’ll provide an adequate scratch shield. That low price tag is hard to ignore, and so is the handy little carabiner clip. (Just test it out first, as that lower price might be covering a less-than-solid clip build quality. The last thing you want to find at the end of an active run or hike is half a clip and no case.) Ultimately, the best Pixel Buds Pro case depends on preference; any entry on this list will do.