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The Samsung Galaxy S23+ is the Goldilocks of the S23 family, a happy middle point between the underwhelming S23 and the very pricey S23 Ultra. While the improvements over the previous model are iterative at best, it's faster, boasts more storage space, packs a bigger battery than the previous generation, and is a great compromise between its two S23 siblings.

That said, it remains a bit of a delicate flower like all modern Samsung phones, which I can personally attest to, looking at the nasty scratch in the corner of my phone. This is very much a case of do as I say and not as I do, lest you end up haunted by regrets and a tiny blemish in the corner of your screen. Take my word for it: one of these screen protectors can save you years of being plagued by your own foolish reticence.

  • Spigen Glas.tR EZ-Fit for Galaxy S23 Plus.
    Source: Amazon
    Spigen Glas.TR EZ Fit for Galaxy S23+
    Best overall
    $17 $35 Save $18

    Spigen really earns the "EZ Fit" bit of this screen protector's moniker, packing in an ingenious installation tool that ensures perfect alignment and bubble-free smoothness. The protector itself is made of 9H tempered glass to protect against cracks and scratches and is treated with an oleophobic coating that makes it smudge-repellant to boot.

  • Otterbox Alpha Flex Blue Light Guard for Galaxy S23 Plus.
    Source: Otterbox
    OtterBox Alpha Flex Blue Light Guard
    Premium pick

    OtterBox has gone the extra mile to keep your S23+ safe from harm, offering its Alpha Flex screen protector in three different variants. One is designed to keep you safe from noisome microbes, one is a crystal clear option, and the last option blends both and includes a blue-light filter. Built from a glass analog, all three variants promise to absorb shocks without shattering or cracking.

  • Supershieldz Screen Protector for Galaxy S23 Plus
    Source: Amazon
    Supershieldz Screen Protector for Galaxy S23+
    Best value
    $9 $11 Save $2

    If value is paramount, it's hard to beat this three-pack from Supershieldz. With each protector coming in at just $3, it'll please your budget while shielding your phone from harm by way of its hydrophobic and oleophobic-coated tempered glass. The protectors are also razor-thin enough not to interfere with sensitivity (or fingerprint detection).

  • IQ Shield Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus.
    Source: Amazon
    IQShield Screen Protector for Galaxy S23+
    Cheap non-glass protector

    The focus on intelligent design is reflected in IQShield's protector with an anti-bubble adhesive that ensures easy, precisely aligned installation. Their smart film is guaranteed to not interfere with the operation of your phone while being tough enough to resist scratches, scuffs, and smudges without adding hardly any bulk to your device.

  • Ailun Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S23 Plus.
    Source: Amazon
    Ailun Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S23+
    $10 $11 Save $1

    Ailun has not only packed three protectors into this package for a very low price, but they've also included a set of camera protectors, so the precious glass over the camera sensor is guaranteed to remain free from dust, scratches, or smudges. Ailun also promises that the glass is slim and will not interfere with touchscreen accuracy while being tough enough to absorb shocks and impacts.

  • amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S23 Plus.
    Source: Amazon
    amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S23+
    $10 $12 Save $2

    AmFilm's protector is a breeze to install mostly due to the innovative OneTouch Auto-Alignment tool, which the protector comes embedded in. The protector is crafted from 9H hardness glass, as are the included camera protectors, so once they're seamlessly installed, you can count on them to shield your screen and camera from damage.

  • ArmorSuit MilitaryShield screen protector for Galaxy S23 Plus.
    Source: Amazon
    Armor Suit MilitaryShield for Galaxy S23+

    Armor Suit's evocatively named MilitayShield is the perfect solution for keeping your shiny new phone free from dust, lint, oil, and fingerprint smudges. Made from flexible but tough TPU, these screens have self-healing properties; if they get scuffed up or scratched, those wounds will close over time, restoring your phone to its natural, crystal-clear radiance. 

  • Whitestone Dome Glass Galaxy S23 Plus screen protector
    Source: Whitestone Dome
    Whitestone Dome Glass Protector for Galaxy S23+
    $32 $46 Save $14

    Whitestone has a reputation for producing premium quality, tempered glass screen protectors for an array of devices, and their S23+ protector is no exception. It comes with all the necessary accouterment to UV-cure the included adhesive and secure the screen in place, meaning the 9H hardness glass will be perfectly aligned and won't slip over time.

  • Ivoler Screen Protector for Galaxy S23 Plus.
    Source: Amazon
    iVoler Screen Protector for Galaxy S23+

    iVoler adds a bit of intrigue and mystique to its high-quality screen protector by way of the included "Night Circle" film protectors, which ensure your lenses never get scratched or smudged. These film protectors cover each camera lens and are made of the same 9H glass that shields the main screen. In addition, they enhance night photography by reducing glare and lens flare.

  • Samcorn Galaxy S23 Plus screen protector
    Source: Samcorn
    Samcorn Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S23+
    $10 $11 Save $1

    Samcorn's rugged screen protectors check all the boxes you want from a premium protector while costing significantly less than a lot of high-end alternatives. They're a slight 0.16mm thickness, made from 9H scratch and shatter-resistant glass, and even have 2.5D round edges to make them more case-friendly. They also include a trio of camera protectors as well.

  • Insignia Galaxy S23 Plus screen protector
    Source: Insignia
    Insignia™ Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S23+

    Completely transparent and anti-reflective, this 9H-hard screen protector from Insignia ensures that the bright, crisp brilliance of the S23+'s display can shine through unimpeded. At a mere 0.33mm of thickness, it's also certain not to interfere with functionality, meaning your touchscreen should be just as responsive as if no protector was installed at all.

  • Spigen NeoFlex Solid Screen Protector for Galaxy S23 Plus.
    Source: Amazon
    Spigen NeoFlex for Galaxy S23+
    $13 $25 Save $12

    Spigen's other S23+ protector on our list is extremely thin but durable enough to absorb impacts from drops and protect your phone's screen from scratches and abrasions. The protector can be applied without bubbling with the wet installation, and the proprietary material means no rainbow effect or glare.

  • Skinomi Matte Screen Protector for Galaxy S23 Plus.
    Source: Amazon
    Skinomi Matte Screen Protector for Galaxy S23+

    Skinomi has designed this matte protector specifically to avoid glare and other visual aberrations that may otherwise diminish the S23+'s gorgeous screen quality, even in the brightest direct light. The protector is made from a military-grade elastic polymer material that will self-heal over time, as well, so if it does get scratched up, the blemish will vanish over time.

  • Ringke Privacy Glass for Galaxy S23 Plus.
    Source: Amazon
    Ringke Privacy Glass for Galaxy S23+

    Ringke's screen protector goes above and beyond by protecting your screen from harm as well as your vital data. Its privacy glass technology prevents prying eyes from scanning your phone by reducing visibility at an angle. It starts to obscure your screen at around the 28-degree mark and makes it completely unreadable from a 40-degree or greater viewing angle.

  • UniqueMe Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S23+
    Source: UniqueMe
    UniqueMe Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S23+
    $13 $16 Save $3

    UniqueMe's Screen Protector is precisely cut with rounded edges to fit your S23+'s screen exactly and ensure compatibility with the vast majority of phones. It comes with an anti-fingerprint coating, so your screen won't be constantly smudged with unsightly skin oil, and it is made from the requisite 9H tempered glass, making it as tough as it is crystal clear.

Get the best protection for your Galaxy S23+

When you're deciding which screen protector best suits your needs and whims, the first question you need to answer relates to the material. Do you want an additional layer of solid, 9H-hardness tempered glass to safeguard your S23+'s beautiful FHD+ AMOLED screen, like that provided by our top pick, Spigen's inventively named Glas.TR EZ Fit for Galaxy S23+? Or would you prefer a layer of tough, flexible, magically self-healing TPU to protect your screen from scratches and scuffs, the material IQShield's Screen Protector is built from?

Alternatively, maybe you want a middle or hybrid option, like our premium pick. Otterbox's Alpha Flex Blue Light Guard is made from a glass-adjacent material designed to be even more absorbent and shock-proof while repelling microbes and protecting your eyes from dreaded blue light.

The final step in fortifying your lofty S23+

When it comes to protecting your S23+ from everyday knocks and scuffs, throwing on a terrific screen shield is an excellent first step. When you add on a camera lens protector, you further elevate your phone’s defense. Still, if you seek true immaculate protection for your device, this isn't enough.

To ensure your device is safeguarded from every angle, an additional step is required: throwing a case on your Galaxy S23+ — or a heavy-duty, rugged case if you really don't want to take any chances. The final accessory acts as a safety net against impacts, with the extra advantage of providing a more secure grip, ensuring you never fumble with your phone.